Collectively our team has a combined 30+ years of consulting experience. Comprehensive consulting is a term that means we provide consultation from top to bottom in an all encompassing manner.

Every client is unique and so are the applicable possibilities for solution and opportunity. We believe in taking the time to establish rapport with each and every client. 

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Additional Services:

– Advising

– Carbon Footprint Reduction (ESG)

– Code Cleanup

– Manufacturing

– Rapid Prototype Development

– Automation

– Customer/Client Acquisition

– Conversion Rate Optimization

– Project Management

– Solutions Providing


our network

Our collaborative network and partnership ecosystem provides access to resources, solutions, and opportunities in many industries, sectors, and markets.

We Service the Following:

– Agriculture

– Charity & Non-Profit

– Defense

– Energy

Finance & Investment

– Music & Entertainment

– Small, Med, Lrg Scale Business

– Commodities

– Cryptocurrency

– Education


– Manufacturing

– Real Estate

– Sustainable & Green Technology

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