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Moses West

Moses West is a phenomenal being who shares our values of courage, excellence, and dedication. His mission is that of providing clean, drinkable, fresh water to all those in need. Moses has proven his unequivocal commitment to this mission for a dozen years through sacrifice and unwavering integrity. Partnering with Moses West and working with him to achieve this mission is truly an honor. To learn more about Moses please click the button below.

Moses West Foundation

Our Partnership

Rocksteady Consulting is proud to be partnered with the Moses West Foundation and AWG Contracting to bring Atmospheric Water Generator technology and water to the world. Rocksteady Consulting is partnered with the MWF in order to support and develop the foundation, to expand awareness through networking and by establishing a foundation for the global implementation of atmospheric water generator technology. 

atmospheric water generators

AWG Contracting

AWG Contracting US LLC founded by Moses West is the primary entity that produces the most technologically advanced industrial atmospheric water generators available. AWG Contracting offers custom and scaling solutions to fit any water need. From smaller machines and home systems to large facilities producing tens of thousands of gallons of water per day. AWG Contracting provides machines to the Moses West Foundation in order to facilitate and complete the MWF water rescue missions and the mitigation of the global water crisis. To learn more about AWG please click the link below.

AWG Models

To learn more about each AWG model please click the appropriate image below. For inquiries about the machines and for custom solutions please reach out via the contact us form on the AWG main website, the MWF main website, or here at RockSteady Consulting.

AWG 550

AWG 800

AWG 5000

Jackson Rescue Mission

Jackson, Ms Water Crisis

The Current Situation

Jackson Mississippi is currently facing a crisis that has been brewing the past few years. The city is suffering from an extreme shortage of clean, drinkable, and usable water. The city has been recently relying heavily on an inconsistent supply of bottled water. The lack of water has led to crippled infrastructure, a suffering populous, and a negative impact on day to day life.

Our Objective

The Moses West Foundation’s mission to rescue Jackson Mississippi by providing sustainable water through the implementation of atmospheric water generators is already underway. Mobile  AWG units and permanent installations to provide out free clean and drinkable water in vital locations is paramount to the survival of the population. Rocksteady Consulting is supporting this mission in any and every way possible with a sense of urgency. To learn more about this mission please click the link below.

Donate to support the MosesWestFoundation and the Jackson Crisis Rescue Mission