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“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

– Ode, Arthur O’Shaughnessy

A message from our founder:

“Our team is here to work with you to bring your vision to life. We build relationships based upon trust, respect, and a deep understanding of what is necessary to build and grow your business. Belief and implementation of our values is what sets us apart.  

We understand what it’s like to face the struggles of business ownership and with this understanding we provide unmatched assistance in overcoming any hurdle.

Rocksteady Consulting stands with all of our clients. Rest assured, you are not in this alone. We have been lucky enough to turn our passion into success. Our mission is to support other business owners in doing the same.”

– Apollo Mondesir, Founder

our values


Cohesiveness in all aspects. We eat, sleep, and breathe teamwork with our clients and partners.


Communication is the number one key to highly effective workflow and success. Clear, honest, and to the point. 


Outstanding standards quality in service, solution, and partnership is at the forefront of our team on a continuous basis.


We build long-term relationships. The commitment we have to each other as a team we extend to our partners and clients.


Perseverance is our strength. We are resolute in purpose and direct in intent. There is always solution, there is always opportunity.


Agreement, compliance, vision, everything above board. We hold ourselves, partners, and clients to a higher standard. Honor, respect, reciprocation.


The choice to confront and push through adverse conditions and “failure” comes natural to us. Mountains are meant to be climbed.


Every member of our team highly values learning and does so consistently. Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge form a foundation for means of discovery and for doing what is new. 

our team

Apollo Mondesir

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO and Founder of Rocksteady Consulting, Apollo Mondesir is the visionary architect behind the firm’s global strategy for sustainability and business consultancy.

His leadership has not only fostered key partnerships with multinational clients but also crafted customized sustainable solutions that resonate with the global community.

Apollo’s steadfast belief in his team, coupled with his nurturing of a collaborative ecosystem, has positioned Rocksteady as a beacon in the sustainability sector, mirroring the company’s mission and establishing it as a global leader.

Kemar Haughton

Co-Founder / Chief Operations Officer

As COO of Rocksteady Consulting, Kemar Haughton’s role has been pivotal in synchronizing the company’s strategic direction with its overarching mission.

His expertise has catalyzed the successful orchestration of multifaceted projects, aligning flawlessly with Rocksteady’s global vision.

Kemar’s unwavering commitment to enhancing lives echoes Rocksteady’s dedication to sustainability and business consultancy, fortifying the company’s reputation as a global frontrunner.

Mason Ingrassia

Partner / Chief Technology Officer

Mason Ingrassia, Head of the Financial Technologies division and CTO at Rocksteady Consulting, is a trailblazer in the realms of crypto and blockchain innovation.

 His leadership has sown the seeds of trust and collaboration, vital to Rocksteady’s international strategy.

Mason’s pioneering work with clients has sculpted the future of financial technologies, aligning with Rocksteady’s dedication to sustainable innovation and imprinting a lasting legacy on the industry.

George Wright

Partner / Public Relations

George Wright, Partner and Head of Public Relations at Rocksteady Consulting, brings over two decades of expertise in sculpting public relations strategies.

His accomplishments encompass the masterminding of triumphant media campaigns that have amplified Rocksteady’s stature among clients and collaborators.

George’s adept communication of Rocksteady’s mission and values has been instrumental in cultivating trust and recognition, reflecting a broader commitment to corporate responsibility.

Stephane Tadum

Partner / Head of Regional Development

Stéphane Tadum, Head of Regional Development & Innovation for Africa & Europe at Rocksteady Consulting, has been the driving force behind Rocksteady’s commitment to innovation in Blockchain applications and Carbon Footprint Reduction.

His cross-continental work with clients has guided the company’s expansion, encapsulating his lifelong pursuit of enhancing technological understanding and fostering global connections.

Jonathan Maxwell

Partner / Executive Director of Global Media Strategies

Jonathan Maxwell, Partner and Founder of Trueflight Management, also serves as the Executive Director of Global Media Strategies at Rocksteady Consulting.

With his base in New York City, he has elevated Trueflight to a leading position in talent and media management.

His dual role, bridging both organizations, underscores a commitment to innovation and excellence, leveraging his expertise to align Rocksteady’s global media initiatives with sustainable growth.

Emily Scott

VP of Strategic Brand Alignment

Emily Scott, Partner, Head of Brand Partnerships, and CMO of Trueflight Management, holds the position of Vice President of Strategic Brand Alignment at Rocksteady Consulting.

Her leadership within Trueflight has been instrumental in defining the firm’s brand architecture.

At Rocksteady, she orchestrates synergies between brand strategies and sustainability initiatives, reflecting a shared vision that positions both firms as industry leaders.

Tyler Harmon

Partner / Head of National Product Development

Tyler Harmon, a founding partner of Rocksteady Consulting, has been instrumental in molding Rocksteady’s strategic approach to sustainability and business consultancy.

His professional acumen has steered businesses towards growth and realization of their potential, mirroring Rocksteady’s mission and triumphs.

Tyler’s collaboration with clients has been key in establishing Rocksteady as a formidable presence in the consulting landscape.

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